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mPowering the Industry!

mPowering the Industry! We at mFilterIt are always committed to work towards ‘Eliminating ad-fraud’.
This cannot be done alone by us and every stakeholder in the industry has to do its own bit. However, we are always ready to collaborate with each one of you
out there which will lead to empowerment that gives the strength to emerge
strong and fight out evils like ad-fraud.

The first step towards empowerment is the sharing of knowledge. This has been proven time and again as we evolve further as a knowledge-driven economy, though primarily digitally. We have taken several steps in 2018 to prepare for this and in 2019 you should be seeing us actively going about these initiatives that enable us working closely with the larger ecosystem.

mPowerIt, our monthly digest on ad-fraud is an initiative in this direction. Starting with this first edition, we will be storytelling ad-fraud and related issues and concerns and how mFilterIt is helping towards empowering the ecosystem by offering world-class solutions.

2018 has been a phenomenal year for us and we are fully charged to see an equally thrilling 2019 full of opportunities which we have already started working on. So, let’s stay connected through
mPowerIt and create a collaborative environment for the best of the sector. We would want this to be an interactive platform where we hear more from you than what we share.

On behalf of the entire mFilterIt family, I would like to thank you all for this wonderful journey so far and hope we continue to add value to each one of you in this space.

Digital is inherently dynamic. So is the ad-fraud within. The outlook towards ad fraud changed tectonically during 2018. While the marketers were seeing ad-fraud as an issue primarily impacting the spend, now organizations are seeing ad-fraud as a challenge affecting the revenue potential. This is because of the paradigm shift in digital marketing, where after the advent of social media and digital commerce, the advertisement is no longer only to inform. Advertisements now have a definite ‘-toaction’ path, which is essentially sales.

Similarly, digital marketing is now more than awareness. Due to digital presence almost perpetual in nature, brands are increasingly becoming conscious of the digital footprints they lay. This is becoming increasingly worrisome not only for the CDO or CMO but the entire leadership of an organization, who at no cost want their brand to be associated with something that it does not represent or even support.

Both Revenue Assurance and Brand Safety are emerging as the two key concerns of the entire CXO leadership of an organization and there is an increasing awareness as well as recognition of how ad-fraud plays a critical role in these two main performances and success parameters of an organization.

In 2019, the charter of R-I-S-E in ad-fraud will continue to be pursued by the CXOs of an organization. However, the focus would be on how to enhance the experience and curb the invasion of ad fraud in shaking the customer experience and engagement. Of course, revenue will and should always be the anchoring priority.

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