All You Need to Know About Pet Grooming

Grooming your pet can seem like an impossible task, but it can be achieved with a little practice and patience. Grooming not only makes your pet look great but it also gives you an opportunity to bond with your pet. By regularly grooming your furry pets, you can prevent the build-up of dead hair, and this keeps them healthy. You can also stop worrying about fur sheds and fur balls.

Well, you might be wondering what is pet grooming, and does it involve only brushing the pets regularly? Well, of course not! Pet grooming also involves nail clipping, bathing and more activities that help maintain the well-being of our pets. Few pet owners prefer to take their pets to professional groomers as they make your pet look fresh and clean.

Pet grooming requires a very high skill level, and it can be stressful or overwhelming for many. It is also important to handle the animal carefully, and grooming activity needs to be done safely. It is better to avoid doing it if you are unsure as it can even lead to accidents, which can be painful for both you and your pet.

Can I easily groom my pets?

Grooming your pet can take a little time. You can start by spending quality time with the pet and try handling them often. This way, the pet gets used to your touch and being petted. You can stroke its ears or feet. You can keep a few treats to reward them when you are trying to groom them.

Before you bring home a new pet, it is important you know it’s grooming needs, and different animals and breeds need various grooming levels. Let us have a look at a few examples.

For Dogs

Grooming dogs can be a fun activity if you do it right. Grooming needs of dogs are different from other pets like cats or rabbits.


If you have a pet dog, you must make it a routine to brush its hair regularly, and this applies to the short-haired ones as well. Doing this will not only keep the dog’s coat clean but also keeps it tidy and free from tangles. Regular brushing also helps to manage the shedding of the fur.

Pet owners can start brushing from the time they are puppies as they get used to it as they grow.


Bathing can be a fun time activity for both you and your pet. Most breeds of dogs do not need bathing more than once or twice a month. You certainly need to bath it if he gets dirty, but always make sure to use a shampoo that is for pets only. Apply the shampoo on your hands and then rub into the coat slowly.

You also need to check if your dog is sensitive to any shampoo or conditioner. If you suspect the same, do check with the veterinarian to find the right shampoo.

Trimming of Nails

If your dog mostly stays indoors or only walks on soft surfaces, you certainly need to trim its nails once a while. Dogs that are often taken for walks on rough surfaces or roads do wear their nails off. But do make sure to check the nails of your dogs and never let them overgrow. Nails, when left untrimmed, can also grow into their pad, and this can be quite painful for them.

Nail trimming is a job that needs to be done with utmost care. The nerves and the vessels are located near the nails ‘quick,’ and it can cause bleeding if the nail is cut very close to it.  If you are not used to nailing trimming or not comfortable, it is always helpful to visit a groomer, do can perfectly trim the pet’s nails.

Trimming of Fur

A few dog breeds do not shed much hair, but there are breeds like Poodles or Maltese that often shed a lot of furs. Dogs need fur trimming when their fur starts to grow long, and this is when you certainly need a visit to a vet or a pet groomer.

For Cats

Cats, when compared to dogs, do not need much grooming. Cats are quite neat and try to follow good hygiene. You can still involve in brushing its fur and grooming as it improves the bond between the pet and you.

Dead fur can be removed by regular brushing, and this also prevents the formation of fur balls. Some breeds of cats do need a coat clipping procedure and have to be performed by a professional pet groomer.

For Rabbits

Rabbits like cats to self groom, and they also groom each other when being a pet with other rabbits. Rabbits often suffer from dags and mats near the genitals. A few breeds of rabbits do need a regular shave, and this needs to be done by a professional and well-experienced pet groomer.

Be it a cat, a dog, or a rabbit, pet grooming often involves the following.

  • Brushing – removes dirt, dead hairs, and dandruff. It prevents the formation of hairballs in cats.
  • Ears – Grooming keeps the ears of the pet clean and free of odor. This keeps any infections or parasites at bay.
  • Eyes – Eyes of the pets can be infected if the hairs around them are not trimmed. This has to be done by a professional and with care.
  • Teeth – Regular brushing keeps any periodontal diseases at bay. Do ask your vet for a pet toothpaste or toothbrush that reduces or prevents bad breath.
  • Bathing – Keeps your pet germ free, fresh, and clean all the time. Make sure to choose the right shampoo as per the breed of your pet.
  • Nail Trimming – Nail trimming can prevent arthritis and joint pains in older pets. For younger ones, it prevents the occurrence of any accidents or injuries.

Now that we have understood what pet grooming involves, it is better to follow a grooming routine that ensures your pet is clean and hygienic. Pet grooming tasks like nail trimming or fur trimming need not be done. You can choose a professional pet groomer to complete the task for you. Remember that a well-groomed pet is happy and healthy!

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