Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

Our life is like a race, everyone is running for something. Most of us have the ambition and dream to achieve something or to be successful in life. The definition of success and happiness varies from person to person. In the gist of achieving something, we all face anxiety and stress. Have you experienced the pressure of peers/supervisors/boss/life partner/parents? You look at your phone and a call flash of your strict boss after working hours – Do you feel anxiety? Stressed about your future, your work, your admission in top MBA institute?

Life is a vicious circle, you complete one stage and get into another stage immediately. We are stressed and feel anxiety in each and every instance of our life. The question is how do we cope up with this stress? Have you ever thought what are the consequences if you do not fight your stress or anxiety level? As per the research, it is proved that the major reason for stress these days is expectations, we expect that our life partner or our children understand us completely, expecting rewards in return of your hard work, expecting extraordinary child, and the list goes on.

Let me answer your question of how do we fight with our stress and anxiety level? – the perfect answer is practice yoga and meditation regularly, there are many benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Before we understand the benefits of Yoga and Meditation, our experts would like to shower you with the major few side effects of stress. The major side effects of stress are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetics
  • Heart Problems
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent headaches

After going through the list, we are sure you may start feeling that you are suffering from one of the above side effects. Our health expert recommends you to practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis.

Yoga is originated in India for more than 300 years now and it a scientific physical and mental practice and the ultimate purpose of Yoga is to help us achieve our highest potential and feel rejuvenated and content from within. Yoga and meditation have many other benefits. The Himalayas in India is a scenic and blissfully beautiful place to experience yoga and meditation. There are many health resorts in the Himalayas which serve well programs to detox your mind and soul, one of the best health resorts is Palm Bliss Resorts. Palm Bliss Resort is an ayurvedic resort that offers wellness programs to fight stress, a technique to live a healthy lifestyle and educate you with the benefits of Yoga and meditation. After preaching the benefits of Yoga and meditation by health experts of Palm Bliss Resort in the Himalayas, you will feel a potential increase in your energy, it will sharpen your mind and enhance your fitness level.

Here you go, we have summarized the major benefits of Yoga and Meditation in your life, grab this opportunity, go and experience the rejuvenating-detoxing-ayurvedic-healthy-wellness programs of Palm Bliss Resorts.

1. Reduce Stress And Promote Relaxation

Yoga and meditation have proved to reduce the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone in the human body. The constant three-month program of yoga has scientifically proved to reduce stress and anxiety levels, fatigue level, and depression. The depression has different stages and sometimes it is not completely cured only by practicing Yoga and meditation. The reduction in stress level is the major benefit of practicing Yoga and meditation. Palm Bliss Resort offers a special rejuvenation program which may be referred to as Punarnava Kalpa designed to harmonize the body and consist of daily yoga sessions with ayurvedic consultations to their clients. It also offers holistic stress management program which is a perfect blend of yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic therapy.

2. Release Anxiety

People who practice Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis have begun to feel that they cope up with their anxiety. Though it is not exactly clear how yoga helps to release anxiety in human beings, it is sure that the magic of yoga and meditation works for anxiety. Palm Bliss offers the relaxation program specially designed for the hectic life of their clients. When we have a hectic life, our anxiety level increases. The wellness program of Palm bliss various treatments like abhyanga with medicated oil or cream, Bhaspa Sweda, etc. Thus proved the second major benefit of Yoga and meditation is fighting anxiety.

3. Complete Detoxification

In Yoga, you gently stretch your muscles and joints, also massage your different body parts which circulate the blood supply to the various parts of your body. This process helps to flush out the toxins and nourish your body to another level. The results are so fruitful that it helps to fight the side effects of aging and you feel energetic. Palm Bliss resort offers a seasonal detoxification program (Ritu PanchaKarma) that detoxifies and regulates your metabolism of the body. You can practice regular yoga and the diet program of Palm bliss to detoxify your body complete, detoxification is another major benefit of Yoga.

4. Sharpens Your Brain Functioning

Meditation improves your ability to concentrate and clear thinking power. Kirtan Kriya is a method of meditation that is a combination of mantras with repetitive motion of fingers, it helps to improve your concentration power and thinking ability. The benefits of Yoga and meditation are more or less the same. Palm Bliss offers a special program for female vitality along with yoga sessions. This program is called “Stree Rasayan” and it increases the vitality and beauty of females.

5. Improves Sleep

Insomnia is the common health problem faced by most of our populations. The meditation practice helps you get away with the runaway thoughts that cause insomnia. Meditation and yoga improve your sleep and place you in a peaceful state. The benefits of yoga and meditation are countless, the major cause of insomnia is stress. Palm Bliss resorts offer the stress management program specially designed to fight insomnia.

6. Improves Quality Of Life

Yoga and meditation have become the common therapy or treatment to improve quality of life. Your quality of life will automatically improve if you feel stress-free and you are not depressed about anything in your life.

In short, if you want a better and healthy life practice yoga and meditation every day. A few minutes of your life will completely change your life and you will start feeling that you are re-born with the stress-free life. As we discussed above, the benefits of yoga and meditation are humongous. Live Long, Live healthily.

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