Brain Development stages in Early Childhood

Brain has an essential role in a human’s various activities such as walking, talking, thinking, and moving. All these things depend on the function of the brain if it doesn’t perform well you will never be able to do anything in your entire life. Even though the development of the brain is independent because of the connections but early 5 years of children’s life has a special role which you will get to know in the further blog.

At the early stages of the child especially from birth and to the age of 5, a toddler’s growth of the brains is faster at any other age throughout life. The early childhood development of the child’s brain lasts forever and his learning capacity depends on it. The environment and experience, the child is having in the early five years of his life stays with him forever, be it positive or negative, he works according to it. After the age of 5, his actions will show that in which environment he has been in the last five years.

According to research children’s growth of the brain happens 90% before they went to kindergarten. The size of the brain of the children at the time of birth is quarter in size than the size of an adult brain and amazingly he gets double in the size within the first year. The growth of the brain begins and continues approx 80% to adult size and at the age of the 5, it becomes 90%. The brain is the control center of the body. When humans are born, they will born with all the neurons for the entire life, but how the cells of the brain works are matters for how the brain is responding to things. The connections of the cells (neurons) will enable humans to move, work, think and communicate; if these neurons don’t work properly the human brains cannot do anything. To make these cells work properly the early childhood brain development is essential. At early childhood stages, especially in the early five years, more than one million new connections are developed in every second compared to any other age throughout life.

The brain is divided into two main parts connected with the bundle of nerves; each part of the brain has performed different functions in the body such as language, emotion, and movement that develops accordingly. The development of the brain is independent as an association of the cells is connect difficultly. The early five years of children’s life is very crucial as this the time when a cell of the brain starts developing along with the brain and this time has been a more peaceful and happy time of their life-time to make them more successful and healthy in life. The association requires many essential, higher abilities such as self-regulation, motivation, communication, and problem-solving capabilities are developed in these 5years and sometimes not because of the lack of such abilities. What children can develop in the early five years cannot be developing in the entire life, if taken for granted in the early stages.

How the connection of the cells of the brain erect?

At the early stages of the children especially from birth to age 5, the daily experiences of their life will help the connections of the brain to develop. They grow according to the environment they get around; it can be positive or negative and after 5 they all behave and work as per the connections develops. The way children respond to the world can easily show that in which environment the children have been developing. The adult children’s time to time experience in their daily life will determine which connection of the brain develops also which one stays for a longer time. The quality and amount of care, communication, and encouragement they will be given in the early 5 years are all that you have for your children. If these things went right in the early stages then you can think of a bright future for your children.

Unpleasant Childhood Experience

As per the research, children whose upbringing is gone well in a positive environment have more chances to be mentally healthier and stable human. The interaction and stimulation they have got from their caretakers and parents will go to decide the behavior of the children with the world. It all applies to the opposite thing as well, if the upbringing is happen in the wrong environment then there are higher chances that the interaction of the children will more likely to be bad with others. Exposure to parents and family hostility, poverty and moreover lack of good guidance can have a big impact on children’s behavior he has developed and this all going to further impact the future of your children. To make them successful, it is essential to give them good guidance and facilities in the early five years of brain development. The healthier the interaction of the children with their parents and guardian the healthier the future.

Responsive and Caring responsibility

Children’s relationships with parents and adults in life can impact their behavior with the other in their entire life. A child’s healthy and good relationship with their parents matters a lot and has an essential role in making them successful. These relationships have secured a special life in the children’s future as it all depends on the environment provided to them by their family members.

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