How video advertising could erode Brand Safety?

Therefore, an advertiser is very important for you to take preventive measures to keep your brand safe. You can add some of the brand safety checks to your campaign process which will help you to ensure that your brand is protected online. Make sure that you are aware of where your banners are served.

It’s high time that marketers should now take bold and dynamic Brand Safety measures in order to ensure that their ads are placed on appropriate channels where the brand is able to connect with. Video is the future of content as people prefer watching videos in spite of reading. Brand Safety is known for keeping a brand’s reputation safety when advertised online. Video advertising has the ability to convey a huge amount of information in a short time. It is able to tell your story better than other formats. Different brands present all around the globe spend a huge amount of their revenue ranging from 8 to 15 percent on video advertising depending upon the geo market we are talking about.

The video advertising encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them. It is mainly an advertisement which occurs before, during or after a video stream on the internet. Whatever the amount is being spent, there are no two opinions regarding this advertisement as it is considered as one of the fastest-growing media of advertising. Most of these videos, including ads are being consumed over YouTube which is known as default internet place. Youtube is one of the free video sharing websites that allow people to upload, view as well as share videos. It has over 1.8 billion active monthly subscribers that are continuing to grow with time.

In performance marketing, nearly all the focal point of advertisers in Ad-Fraud is around BOT and other hoax traffic as well as behavior. Therefore, it has now become a need to scrutiny how it is deteriorating the reputation of a brand. Nobody wants their brand name to be spoiled or associated with the incorrect sort of messaging. If you avoid implementing brand safety measures then you are surely going to run the risk of threatening your business. mFilterIt has been supporting for some time about the interlinkages of Ad-Fraud as well as Brand Safety. Let us display and awareness today that will help to understand how the grave the issue is. 

Recently a brand safety survey was held out for a reputed platform in the entertainment domain. In this topmost 500 YouTube channels were examined where ads related to entertainment apps were served. The outcomes were staggered keeping in mind that the advertiser is among the few foremost players in the industry who used avant-garde technology in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Almost 30% i.e. 1 out of 3 ads were unsafe for the brand which was consumed over YouTube channels. There were about 2% of invalid channels that had resulted in only the wasting of marketing spends. One of the most blemishing parts was of ads that were being served over unsafe channels. The channels that are not identified with reputation, beliefs as well as a philosophy of the brand. mFilterIt helps to classify unsafe channel into sensitive, conflicting, prohibited as well as contentious categories that are grounded on the type of content channel carries. For example, in this particular case, the ads that were served on the channel were encouraging superstition along with other unscientific beliefs that were straight disagreeing with the positioning of the marketing brand. On the other hand, the brand also wants to ensure that it stays apolitical. However, the ads were presented on different channels that either belonged to some particular political party or were encouraging particular definite political principles. Now, this would fall under the controversial category of unsafe video ads.         

Likewise, there are many marketers that face the countless rising challenge which comes in their way of productively using video platform such as YouTube as an advertising platform bonding to the brand politics explaining the reputation as well as an image of the brand.

Therefore, it is noticed that under the pressure of performance, affiliates often push ads to high traffic channels which not only creates a situation where brands could ultimately require to execute crisis management measures but also result in unproductive burning of marketing spend. Even if these are extremely enlightened, they are not going to result in a complete 100% recovery of image or reputation.    

Brands need to have holistic and effective Brand Safety policy which can be imposed by a solution giving more control over the way brand is shown over any form including videos in order to have a functional as well as clinging video advertising. 

Thus, when the brand, agency, as well as technology companies, work together in order to understand the entire risk for the brand and the full suite of brand safety measures available, then you will find that the process works much more effective. You need to have tools as well as systems for targeting certain types of content that are sophisticated enough to keep pace with the sheer volume of content being uploaded.   

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