10 things you should never do during a phone interview, according to career advisor

Career Advisor:- Today, the world is evolving tons of opportunities and the initial interview is often held online or over a call. You can get a little nervous and overwhelmed too at the same time. Your mind works faster than your body. So, in the excitement of cracking the interview well, you may tend to mumble stuff. While on the contrary, you must not have talked about them in the first place. 

As it is rightly said, ‘The first impression is the best impression’. Hence, when you fail to provide crisp or pinpoint answers to the interviewer on a telephonic interview, chances are that you may be rejected at round one itself. Hence, you must have a blueprint on what to say and what not to. Here are 10 things you should never do during a phone interview as suggested by career advisor. Shall we go down the list one by one? 

Never take a noisy area while taking the interview | Career Advisor

It is clear common sense that you take a zone that is relatively quieter or calmer. You must hear what the interviewer questions you about. At the same time, the employer must hear you out at full length. Career advisor online clearly feel the need for a place that is completely silent indeed. You can walk up to your car garage. Else, if you have a home-based office, you can keep your children preoccupied, while you can lock the door while you are taking up a telephonic interview.

Do not talk about your personal life

Do not perform other activities while on the call |  Career Advisor 

You may have an endless number of household chores on your ‘to-do list’. However, while you are on the call, put a complete full stop to what you were doing. It can be doing the dishes, washing the laundry, or wanting to take the dog out for a walk. Professional career advisor feel it is not professional to multitask while talking over the phone. It does not reflect well on the position you are being recruited for.  

Do not mull over monetary issues

Do not give a fancy figure when you are asked about salary expectations. Yes, the interviewer wants to know how much you want to be paid. At the same time, the interviewer also wants to see if you are a candidate who is just applying for the job for the money, or do you want to perform your job responsibilities well. You can say that you would like compensation for keeping your experience and industry standards in view. That is a more diplomatic way of putting it across. 

Never put the interviewer on hold

This is the first time; he/she would be handling an interview. So here comes the fifth do not on telephonic interview taking. Do not put the interviewer on hold. This can cause unnecessary distractions for all said and done. There cannot be anything more urgent than taking an interview for the job you are desperately interested in. If there is an emergency, you will still have time to inform the HR department of the employer. In such cases, inform the interviewer in advance.  

Never skip the Q & A | Career Advisor

Do not be late | Career Advisor

This is going to be a telephonic interview after all. You are not going to travel long distances to reach a firm or company. Therefore, you cannot afford to be even a minute late for the interview. Have a note pad or a pen and paper handy. Stay at your work desk at least 30 minutes before the start of the interview. You may take a Zoom video call or a regular telephonic call. So, take the call at the first or second beep itself and start talking. Allowing the interviewer to wait is not a good sign.  

Do not presume that the network connectivity is all-good | Career Advisor

The interviewer may have a set agenda to take the process through. Career advisor feel if you have a static or dropping connectivity, it can frustrate the interviewer at the first go of it. You can call your mobile via the landline. Else, you can test call your friend or even your neighbor. See if the connectivity or the service reception is good. Again, you must schedule all of this before the start of the interview.  

Never interrupt the interviewer | Career Advisor

Avoid filler words | Career Advisor

Many of us tend to use filler words while speaking over a phone call. These include ‘umm’, ‘aha’, and ‘like’. You cannot afford to overdo it. Keep the conversation subtle. Above all, answer questions in full sentences.

These are the top 10 things you should never do during a telephonic interview. Keep a track of them next time you crack one.

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