Dental Crown Problems

In the process of tooth restoration, a dental crown is a final step. But after the treatment, if proper care is not taken, you can suffer from dental crown problems. Even there are chances of having complications after the long-term solution crown.


Dental Decay

Oral hygiene is important, as it prevents you from most dental problems. If you are lacking somewhere in maintaining oral hygiene, plaque formation can happen, at the margin of the tooth, don’t forget your tooth can decay if the crown cannot. The best way is to prevent tooth decay is to brush your teeth daily. If you spot a small area of decay you can consult your doctor, the doctor will do filling in that area. However, if dentists spot the decay underneath the crown, then after removing the decay, the doctor places the new dental cap. If you want to save yourself from this expensive treatment, it good you take care of oral hygiene. 

Sensitivity and Discomfort

Crowns do not cover the whole tooth. During the process of tooth crowning, generally, the tooth enamel is trimmed away and leaves the dentin exposed. After the crowing process, you may feel sensitivity from the hot and cold kinds of stuff. In this case, the doctor applies the solution over the crowned tooth to protect from temperature.

Loose Decay

If you are not maintaining your diet, then Tooth decay or eating sticky foods could cause loosening of your crown. If you feel something like this, immediately contact your doctor, because the loss of the tooth crown, open the entry of bacteria that can contaminate your remaining tooth and make the condition worsen. 

Chips or Fractures

Most of the dental crowns are made up of Porcelain as they are not so tough or hard. If in case the porcelain infused metal can get fracture or chip, you need to immediately contact your doctor. If your fracture is small, the dentist will use composite resin and repair the crown. But this cannot be done in case of extensive crown fracture.

Nerve Issues

In the soft pulp of the teeth, the nerves are located, sometimes during the process of crowning, these nerves get damaged. As a result of the nerve damage patient may feel the mild range of sensitivity either excruciating pain.

Allergic Reactions

Even this is a very rare condition, happen to only those, who are allergic to any kind of used metal in the crown. This can be fixed by using the crown or other material.

 A Dark Line at the Gum

Crowns are made up from, porcelain infused metal. This dark line happens due to the presence of metal. While this doesn’t cause any kind of health issues, but it distorted the aesthetic look. With the all-ceramic or all-porcelain one, a doctor can replace the crown If dark line forms in front of your teeth.

General Tooth Pain

Due to any kind of trauma to the crowned tooth, while the tooth trimming process, tooth pulp can be formed, and it causes Inflammation of a crowned tooth. Usually, the swelling remains temporary, and the pulp regains its normal positions. to combat this situation, doctors suggest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to reduce the extent of pain and inflammation. If your toothache remains for several days, after taking the NSAID’s you will be treated with the root canal process to reverse the pain.

Gum Tissue Pain

Crowns end up, at the gum line, or below it. During the process of trimming, crown fitting and impression sometimes gum gets roughed up and causes the gum pain. But it is seen that the gum pain subsides after some days with slowing down of the inflammation. The doctor suggests the use of NSAIDs, to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Bite Issues

Before fitting the crown, the dentist figures out carefully the placement of teeth. But sometimes despite this careful attention crown doesn’t get its exact position. During a fitting, your dentist evaluates how the crown connects with your other teeth before cementing it into place.

Despite this careful attention to detail, you may notice that the crown isn’t exactly the right shape once the numbness wears off. Initially, this situation may be annoying, and your tooth might get hurt or traumatized. Infection occurrence can also happen, after some months ago, due to this inflammation and bite can happen. It’s important to consult the doctor if you have improper, shaped crown, they will reshape the tooth with an easy fix.

Cracked Tooth

The root of the tooth can break if you bite the crowned tooth too hard. In this case, the extraction of the tooth is the only solution.

If you recently had a crowning, and if you are experiencing any problem, do not delay to visit your dentist. There are some common problems, but If the pain remains for several days, this needs the help of doctors. After you got to know that your teeth require a dental crown, you should consider all the factors associated with this procedure.

A dental crown holds the value like king and queen to maintain the royalty of a tooth, dental crowns are used, but any glance from your side and in the procedure can cause some complications. It’s better to get detailed knowledge about the procedure,

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