Eye sight problems and solution

Even most of the eye problems require the help of a medical professional because eyes are the delicate part, and we cannot take the risk, but despite all these problems, there are so many problems that you can treat safely in the home with some remedies.

Black eye

A black eye is characterized by bruising around the eye. If there are no more serious symptoms, you can use the ice pack to reduce the swelling and reduce the pain. Fr 15 to 20 minutes apply ice packs over your eyes. You can make a DIY eye pack, by wrapping the ice in the cotton cloth. Avoid the use of raw streak as they increase the chances of infection.

Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)

Pink eye is caused by a viral infection, although the viral infection subsides on its own and less likely responds to the antibiotics. You need to consult the doctor, before doing anything, because the bacterial conjugates can be treated only with the antibiotics. Along with that, you can use cold compresses to reduce the extent of pain. Avoid the sharing of towels, pillow covers, and cosmetics because conjunctivitis is contagious.

Eye allergies

Similar to the other nose and body allergies, the human body can easily get eye allergy. This causes redness, itching, and irritation to the eyes. To combat this situation, you have to limit exposure to the main source of allergy. If you are not able to eliminate the exact source properly then you can take some measures to limit its effects. You can prefer the use of artificial tears, which helps to remove the dust and allergens form the eyes.


Even stye gives the eye a nasty look, but within a week stye goes away. This can be treated in the home with some measures like placing the warm cloth over your eyes. By repeating this process several days you can reduce the unblocking the pores in your eyelash areas. Avoid wearing eye makeup and avoid squeezing otherwise, it can cause the spreading of infection in the surrounding areas of the eye.

If you see any kind of worsen symptoms, without delaying contact the ophthalmologist. Moreover, these are some treatment that needs the immediate attention of the doctor.

  • Blurriness
  • Double vision.
  • Pain in your eyes.
  • Serious eye injury.
  • Age-related eye problems

When you get old, the body parts start getting deteriorates like the rest of your body, aging weakens your eyesight but this is a normal process of your body. Here are some common eye problems and solutions that can help the weaken eyesight.

Look at cataracts

As the aging proceeds, chances of developing cataracts also increase. Mostly in the cataract leans are affected with the clouding appearance which leads to blindness. Most likely cataract happens over the aging but there are chances of developing this condition in the early stages of life.

The exact cause is not known, but as per the experts, it results due to the misbalancing of chemicals to some extent aging, injuries and diabetes all contribute to a cataract. A cataract does not spread from one eye to the, and the rate of progression is different.

Solution – if your eyes develop a cataract, even to impede the normal vision it takes years until then your eyes will be supported with the specialized prescription of eyewear according to your doctor. This helps to maximize your vision, in worsen cases, only surgery is the last option to correct the situation. Even cataract surgery also carries some risks but the chances of success are 95% and people also enjoy their life after the surgery.

Macular degeneration

It is also an age-related disease; it happens when the Macular area in Eye gets defected. In the middle of the retina, the macula is present; due to this, our eyes distinguish between the colors. But with the degeneration of the macula, eyes lost their ability to differentiate and develop a small spot or blurriness that appears in the middle are of vision, which interacts with the normal vision. With the time obstruction, increases and block the normal clear view of the objects. The peripheral vision of the eyes remains intact.

There are two forms of AMD

·       Dry

·       Wet

90% cases account for the dry form and wet is rest 10% because it is severe form and causes the leakage of blood vessels into the retina.

Solution – Even there is not as such cure is available for macular degeneration, but early diagnosis plays an important role in the successful treatment. So you should be aware of the proper eye checkup by the professionals. Use of vitamins, omega -3 fatty acids holds strong evidence to delay the macular degeneration. Photo dynamic therapy is the procedure that is used for the wet AMD, which is done by injecting the dye into the macula to stop the leakage of blood vessels.

Eyes are the most vital part of our body, as it requires proper care and attention. If you are wondering why your eyes are becoming itchy, you should contact the doctor, because sometimes we make the situation worse due to our poor attention. There are chances of blindness due to the small eye disease. It’s never too late to start proper care of your eyes if you are facing sudden eye problems. If you want your eyes to live long for a healthy life, you should add extra care measures in your routine list. Do not forget to consult with the doctor in case of worsening symptoms; sometimes professional care is necessary for the eyes.

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