Interesting Facts about Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is known to be the best beauty of India as regardless of the atmosphere it is an abode of so many species of birds and nature is just astounding. Everyone wants to visit Leh Ladakh on a bike once in their lifetime and why not the place has something very special to serve you with. There are so many facts about Leh Ladakh which we have mentioned in the further blog for you.

When we talk about the place that serves with its astounding beauty, Leh Ladakh suddenly comes to the mind and makes our heart go wow! The place is located in India’s Jammu & Kashmir district in the Northern part. The scenic sumptuousness of the intact wise Himalayas is unrivaled along with that supernatural impression of the cold desert represents the otherworldly allure of the uneven mountain ranges of Leh Ladakh.

The diverse landscape encircling immense ranges of the mountains and heaving valleys have no association. The immobility of the desolate grey brownish peaks gives a spiritual charisma to the surrounding that outdoes the illustration majesty of the majority enthralling scene.

7 Most Interesting & Unbelievable Facts About Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is the most beautiful and most visited place of India as the place is not only served with the best scenic views but consists of so many facts that people are unaware of. This place is a kind of destination that people should have in their bucket list.

We all have some dreams and few of us are only living for those dreams, a bike ride on the high heels that leads to a very uncommon way, with a beg on the back is everyone’s common dream which they can only achieve in Leh Ladakh. The small rivers crossing the path and mountain ranges covering them is just unimaginable beauty, you can only see it by visiting the place.

The things we have just told you about Leh Ladakh is just a small part of the entire Ladakh, there is so much more to explore that guaranteed you will never get to see at any other place of the world. The beauty of this place is a thing that you want to take with your home. Sometimes we like the place because of the scenic views and sometimes because of the people, food and several other things but Leh Ladakh is the beauty that has everything a person can call beautiful.

Every bit of Leh Ladakh is beautiful whether you talk about the mountains, rivers or people and food. To make you surprise with the indefinable beauty of the Leh Ladakh we have listed some interesting facts about Leh Ladakh which everyone should know:

1 Leh Ladakh is an abode of monasteries.

The place is an abode to many monasteries such as Hemis Gompa, Shey Palace, and Thiksey Gompa. While travelling Leh Ladakh, you will get to see so many monasteries. A destination is a place where you will not only get to see beautiful scenery views but so much of pure vibes you will feel. The pure bliss of calm and peace “Leh Ladakh” is a must visited the place.

2. Leh Ladakh has the world’s largest bridge.

It has the world’s largest bridge names as “Bailey Bridge” which is about 30m long, built by the Indian Army between the Suru River and Dras River in the ranges of the Himalayas in 1982. It is a momentary overpass of trellis steel deliberate for nippy assemblage from manufactured divisions. The entire design of the Bailey bridge is well-known for its military relevance.

3. Leh Ladakh is the abode of so many varieties of birds.

Leh Ladakh is a very dry place as it is desert but even after that it is an abode of many different varieties of birds, you will get to notice about 225species of birds that is just another beauty of this place. Birds like Hoopoe, finches, redstarts, and robins are commonly found here in profusion. The beauty of this place never let a single chance go to amazing people who come here to explore it.

4. Leh Ladakh has a rare species of camel.

While travelling to the Leh Ladakh you will get to see the rarest species of camels which is known as twin humped camel or two-humped camels “Bactrian Camel”. This species of the camel has two humps on the back as the common camels have only one. Bactrian camel is the rarest species of camels as compared to common single-humped camels. This species of camels are the core magnetism of the Ladakh’s Nubra Valley.

5. Leh Ladakh has the main astronomical center.

The place has the highest altitude and most clear skies which is why it has the main essential astronomy center. The two-meter infrared telescope, Himalayan Chandra optical and Udaipur solar observatory are several Indian Astronomy studying facilities located in Ladakh.

6. Leh Ladakh has the world’s largest motor able Road.

World’s largest motor able road is located in Leh Ladakh which is known as “Khardung La” about an altitude of 5359metres.

7. Leh Ladakh is known to be Kashmir’s largest Plateau.

It is said that Leh Ladakh is Kashmir’s largest plateau of about three thousand meters which extends from Kunlun ranges to the Himalayas that comprise the greater Indus River Valley.

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