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Jaisalmer Desert Camp Package

The city of Jaisalmer has always been called as the “Golden City” and is known globally for its culture and tradition. Other than lavish havelis and its royal history, the city is also famous for the Thar Desert. A safari in these deserts provides a chance to know all about the vast Indian Thar Desert. Tourists can choose to stay in desert camps that are mostly located near Sam Sand dunes and Khuri and Jhabra.

More than 90% of the tourists, who visit Jaisalmer, spend a night at the desert camps here. One gets to choose from basic to ultra luxurious accommodation options. It is also important to note that most of the camps are run by local people and not every camp comes with quality service.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp Package

Tourists who visit Jaisalmer often enjoy a camel ride and prefer to stay under the stars in the desert here. The city had only a couple of desert camps a decade back and the numbers are just increasing day by day. Thus, it gets overwhelming when you have to pick just one camp out of them all.

Every desert camp located in Jaisalmer has a different package or tariff and it can depend on the services and amenities provided and the duration of your stay. Let us try and answer a few questions about Jaisalmer desert camp package.

What are the common packages for a one night stay?

The tariff for a one night stay in a luxurious desert camp or a suite can cost you anywhere between RS 20,000. There are also a number of budget friendly desert camps which charge about Rs 3000 to Rs 6000 per camp. It always helps to know about the facilities provided before you go ahead and make a booking.

What are the amenities included?

Well, like mentioned, the desert camp package often includes various amenities and a tour of the desert. While some camps charge extra for the food, there are camps that provide vegetarian food but charge extra for non-vegetarian.

Likewise, some of the camps like The Serai also have outdoor safari packages that are not included in the camp tariff. Guests also get to enjoy traditional dance and music shows and camp fires during the night.

What are the activities guests can enjoy in the night at the desert camps? Are other activities included?

Guests who stay at the desert camps can enjoy various activities at night like traditional folk dance and music, camp fire, puppet shows and much more. Apart from the activities at night, guests can also take a camel safari and explore the sand dunes. Jeep safaris to the nearby villages too are available.

The above mentioned activities are included in a Jaisalmer desert camp package.

We have also compiled the best camps that offer high quality service with a comfortable and luxurious stay. Let us have a look at them.

1. The Serai

If you wish to stay in luxury, choose “The Serai”. The desert camp package also includes a private tour of the desert and it is located at the close distance from the Sam sand dune. Guests can choose to stay in Swiss styled suites and enjoy local as well as international cuisine. The desert camp also offers various other activities like camel safari, jeep safari and various outdoor activities.

The price of the camps at the Serai is about Rs. 20000 per camp.

2. Rajputana Desert Camp

Located at a distance of about 50 meters from the Sam sand dunes, the Rajputana desert camp was started in year 2014. The camp is well-known for its cuisine and the dance performance that is performed by the cities professional gypsy dancers. Guests can choose from the 30 camps available and can go for a camel safari in the mornings or in the evenings. Some of the other amenities provided at the camp are complimentary dinner and breakfast, music and dance program, and they also provide their own jeeps for a jeep safari.

The cost of the stay with dinner and breakfast for a day is about Rs. 6000.

3. Winds Desert Camp

Located at Kanoi, the Winds desert camp is at a distance of 25 km from the Sam sand dunes. The camp provides air conditioned as well non- ac tents and have a multi-cuisine restaurant as well. The team also makes arrangements for camel and jeep safaris upon request.

The tariff at the Winds desert camp ranges from Rs. 8000 – Rs. 15000.

4. The Royal Desert Camp

The Royal desert camp is true to its name and is also popular as it is one of the oldest desert camps here. One of the unique advantages of staying here is that the guests can enjoy the views of the Sam sand dunes from the camp itself. The desert camp is located right opposite to the sand dunes of Sam. The camp has a total of 42 tents and cottages and they also assist the guests with camel and jeep safaris.

The fare to stay at the Royal Desert camp can range in between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 14,000.

5. The Mama’s Camp

The Mama’s camp is located at Khuri is a well maintained camp that has a multi cuisine restaurant and a garden too. Guests can choose to stay in tents or in cottages and enjoy local Rajasthani cuisine as well. There are dance and musical shows in the night and the camp also arranges camel and jeep safaris.

A one night stay at this camp can cost you anywhere between Rs.5500 to Rs.7000.

Tips you need to consider

Before you choose the best Jaisalmer Desert Camp package, it is important to keep a few points in mind.

  • The best time to go for a desert safari in the Jaisalmer desert is from 5am – 7am and in the evenings from 4pm-6pm.
  • Do check if dinner and breakfast are provided as complimentary in the desert camp package as most of the camps provide the same.
  • Jaisalmer has only one railway station and the nearest airport is located at a distance f 285kms.
  • The camel and jeep safaris are also available at the Sam sand dunes for Rs. 500 per person.
  • Guests can also choose packages that offer a complete desert safari with a musical program.

Benefits of Choosing Jaisalmer Desert Camp Package

The desert camp packages at Jaisalmer have their own benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • All the desert camps are luxurious and are available at an affordable price. Only a few camps have suites that can cost a fortune.
  • The camps are an ideal way to de-stress and spend a night in tranquil and away from the city.
  • The sand dunes are a must visit when you are at Jaisalmer and there is no better way to stay in the desert and visit the dunes.
  • The food and the security are well taken care of and the hospitality offered makes you feel at home.
  • Guests can get to know about the culture and tradition of the city via music and dance programs that are held during the night/evening.

About Jaisalmer Desert Camp Package

If you are looking for the best desert camp in Jaisalmer, your search ends at the Jaisalmer Desert camp package. Guests who wish to enjoy desert life like royalty can choose from various camps that are known for their comfort and luxury.

All the camps here are designed keeping the guest requirements in mind and are provided with all the needed amenities, which are on par with a five-star hotel. Enjoy activities like bonfire, DJ and the famous Kalbaliya dance when you book a Jaisalmer desert camp package.

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