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In this online segment, we are going to take you through some of the top-notch features you can expect especially from Jaisalkot, one of the best Jaisalmer hotels and Resorts. You will be learning about the rooms, décor and lot many aspects pertaining to this. During your holidaying spree, you need to be treated like a king or queen. This is exactly what we have in store for you as such. The palatial rooms, squeaky clean decors, basking sun-corners are features that can take you by a complete delight.


Think of Jaisalmer and you cannot stop raving about the magnificent Havelis, most of which have now been transformed into luxury hotels and resorts. Guests who visit Jaisalmer have an opportunity to stay at some of the best Jaisalmer hotels and resorts and pamper themselves with the facilities available.

One such resort that offers the best in terms of accommodation and amenities is Jaisalkot. The resort is known for its traditional architecture and the modern facilities it provides to its guests. Nominated for the World Luxury Awards 2019, Jaisalkot offers more than luxurious accommodation.

Shall we go about exploring each of this one by one? A glimpse into each of the palatial rooms you are going to stay in:

Kunwar Room

This is a classy 37 square meter room where elegance takes its vibes wholeheartedly. Jaisalkot gives you a quiet and peaceful stay without the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You get a comfortable stay along with free Wi-Fi connectivity. Tourists, travelers, and Facebook addicts can get all the dose of info on their buzz feed. You have beautiful and spacious bedding to get tucked into. As the verandah directly faces the room’s corridor, you can feel the sunset breezing through. The regal vibes you get from the room are of an exemplary standard.

Rawal Suites

This is a spacious 47 square meter room filled with all modern facilities you can ever think of. This is a luxurious suite with modern-day tranquility. You get the calmness and a vibe of serenity surrounding the room as such. You have a central air-conditioning system that keeps the room cool all through the day. Not to forget an electronic safe where you can keep all your safe valuables into.

Explore the palatial bathrooms which are well-stocked with fragrant soaps, incense sticks, and hairdryers too. Looks like you will never feel like leaving your bathtub. Over this, the room is stacked up with a tea and coffee maker. A minibar is there for your leisure too. These suites are highly in demand. Book yours before it gets sold out.


The Maharani suite is exquisitely meant to pamper your lady-love. After all, she is the one who keeps you going. From dawn to dusk, she runs through a monotonous drill. She does the cooking, cleans up your premises and looks after your children and nurses you while you are sick. Doesn’t she need an extra tint of attention during her holiday spree?

The Maharani suites are sprawling 60 Square meter rooms meant for the grand ladies. They can thoroughly enjoy themselves and feel at ease. The rooms are endowed with private balconies that overlook the property. She can have a lovely view of the ancient hillocks surrounding the property. Not only do these rooms offer complete privacy, but these also provide views of sands touching the skies. And that is truly amazing for a most relaxing feel during the holiday.

Maharawal Suites

Do you mind shelling out a little extra to live the life of a king? Then making your bookings at Maharawal suites is worth every penny of it. These are palatial rooms with the charm and elegance of a yesteryear Rajput king. The room is filled with all kinds of luxuries to satiate the innate interests of a royal king. Not only that, you find the unique chemistry of lighting that does all the honors. You find natural sunlight casting a unique kaleidoscope of colors. These include pretty looking shades of orange, pink and golden during sun-rises and sun-sets.

The ambiance and texture the rooms offer can be compared to none other. The peaceful vibes the rooms provide you with can assure you, with a very good sleep despite your daily tensions. The rooms are decorated so beautifully that you don’t even feel like leaving the room.

Among Jaisalmer Hotels and Resorts, it is Jaisalkot range of hotels that was voted the best. Now you know why this hotel is the best in the sand-stone city?

Taking you through the dining halls

Suraman Mahal

When you visit a Palace, it is the Durbar that always catches the excitement. You have debates, discussions and all the live-action happening at the Durbar Hall. Don’t you agree with me? The Suraman Mahal is designed to have the look and feel of a Durbar. The lounge is decorated with limousine styled chandeliers. The hall is elevated to get you the royal vibe.

Dishes are served to you in a thali. It is by using a wide array of silver cutlery. You are made to sit on a rug amid two enchanting paintings. One picture depicts the natural king, while at the other end, you have Rawals sitting by. You as a guest are invited to dine with the Maharaja and Rawal. Would you have ever thought, you will get a fine-dining experience with yester-year kings? You need not feel disappointed anymore.


This is an open-spaced lounge, worth exploring every iota of it. As you explore an open sunset lounge that brings to you a beautiful array of grilled delicacies. You can also enjoy Rajasthani music with Kalbelia dance. The mystical sun-set of the Thar Desert can take you by a marvelous charm. You can find yourself overwhelmed with nostalgic emotions.


How many of you love playing chess? This is an architecturally designed chess connoisseur bar serving you with cocktails, beers, and wines of highest standards. Shatranj or Chess was a game that was originated in India. We play the game giving away our pawns to save the mighty king. A gripping larger than life chess set is placed in front of you. You play the game while you dine and wine. Now, this is an experience that even an international continent can never provide you with.

You have other exciting facilities like spa, gym, indoor swimming pool, camel riding, kite flying and a doctor on call. This is at the Jaisalkot hotel. Among other Jaisalmer hotels and Resorts, this one surpasses excellence. You can also plan your wedding at this premier ambiance. You can customize your wedding packages for the bride and groom. And make the wedding experience, a forever remembered moment.

So when are you planning to have your hotel rooms and suites booked at this venue?

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