Is Mukteshwar Worth Visiting

Mukteshwar is a much-visited place in Uttaranchal, known for providing an unpolluted ambiance to the visitors. The cool and the exotic breeze blowing from the Kumaon Mountains and undiluted natural beauty of the greenery make this place much attractive for the travelers. The place has derived its name from the Mukteshwar Sanctuary dedicated to Lord Shiva, thus attracting many tourists with a spiritual bent of mind as well. Nature lovers love to pay a visit to this place, especially during the springs, to witness the beautiful plantations and blossoms along with the best growth of organic products.

8 Best places to visit in Mukteshwar

1. Chauthi Ki Jaali

This is one of the most famous tourist spots of Mukteshwar. Located on a cliff, the place is replete with greenery and plenty of rocks. The place is famous for offering mesmerizing views of the Kumaon Valley and as the local saying goes, the natural lattices and holes in the rocks are nothing but the results of a fierce battle between the gods and the demons. The site also has the outlines of a sword, an elephant’s trunk, and a shield, which are also believed to be formed out of the war. People come here to seek blessings and also enjoy activities like climbing the mountains as well as rappelling.

2. Mukteshwar Temple

For people seeking divine blessings, Mukteshwar Temple is a must-visit. The tourists come here in search of serene ambiance as well as get an ultimate peace of mind by watching the amazing view of the valley. Tourists, who need some time away from the crowd and pollution, often visit this place.

3. Shiva Temple

Also known as Mukteshwar Dham, Shiva Temple is the most famous point of attraction of this place. It is located on a steep hill with an altitude of more than 7000 ft and is said to bear a legacy of more than 350 years. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple also houses idols of Parvati, Ganesha, and Nandi. The Shivalingam made of white marble and with copper, yoni attracts devotees from all quarters. The inner sanctum of the temple is engraved with all-important gods of Hindu mythology.

4. Rajarani Temple

Constructed during the 11th century, this temple is known for the beautiful stone sculptures representing the king and the queen, and hence the name. The temple is located amidst beautiful paddy fields and a garden. The temple is also famous for housing beautifully carved female figures, made of stone, portraying various moods and postures of dance.

5. Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow

People who want to get acquainted with some places with historical importance, Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow is a must-visit. It is famous for being the residence of one of the most famous personalities of India, Sir Jim Corbett. A kettle, which was used by him, has been kept for the visitors to see. The place is quite famous for beautiful architecture and nature’s bounty and offering stunning views of sunrise and sunset over the Kumaon.

6. Ramgarh

Ramgarh is at a distance of 17km from Mukteshwar and is thronged by visitors due to the presence of plenty of peach, apple and apricot orchards. The scenic beauty of the place is ideal for the tourists to spend some leisure time among plenty of trees and lush greenery. It is also the place which has been the home to famous writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahadevi Verma, and Narayan Swami.

7. Bhalu Gaad Waterfall

This waterfall overwhelms the tourists with its splendor. It is a perennial source of water and rejuvenates the tired mind. The waterfall is a combination of a horseshoe and plunged shape. However, it has been originated from an unknown source and running through some rugged surface, it plunges at the bottom. Interestingly enough, there is a rainbow visible at the bottom of the waterfall. So the locals have named it ‘rainbow waterfall’.

8. Indian Veterinary Research Institute

This is the first Veterinary Research Institute of India. The place is bordered by the beautiful mountains, thick Pine and Oak forests, rivulets on all sides. The pleasant weather is ideal for preserving Vaccines and Sera and helps in research on micro-organisms.

Mukteshwar is a beautiful place, just 40 km away from Nainital City. It is located between the mountains, making it an abode of natural beauty. Plenty of trees, sunrise, and sunset over the mountains and plenty of other attractions attract people to just sit and relax among the beauty of nature. So Mukteshwar offers a pleasant stay to the travelers among natural surroundings. The travelers can indulge in many activities. Hiking among the Bhalu Gadh waterfall, riding the ropeway, knowing more about the local culture from a visit to Kimora Shop, all make the visit quite memorable. The weather is the best thing about this place as it remains pleasant throughout the year, making it a perfect getaway.

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