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Is my child safe at school?

This is a very common concern for most of the parents all over the world. In fact, many unwanted accidents occur at the school premises or during commutation to or from school.  We have seen many sad incidents occurring at schools that have even been life-threatening too.

Hence parents want to know the safety rules in the school for their wards first and this is a priority set by all parents before they get their children admitted to any school.

But how schools can set and follow safety rules in the school, let’s discuss this in detail.

What is school safety?

Let’s have an idea about the school’s safety.

Safety rules in the school are important and cover all the activities done inside the school premises which is done to make the school environment safe for the students. Students need to be safe from all kinds of physical and mental violence, harassments, or risks from any substances or place.

Safety rules in the school should apply to all parts of the schools, whether its the corridor of the schools, playground, classroom or any other part of the school.  

Online security platform for better performance

In the era of digitalization and technology, Brunhild tech has taken the initiative to create a safe online platform, Brunhild security for safety purposes.

Most of the schools are following traditional instructions for their students which most of the students do not follow. They are still vulnerable to risks at any place in the school. Traditional tools are no longer assuring the required level of safety standards.

A revolutionary change has been brought by Brunhild tech, which is based on a preventive technology platform. The platform also works as a predictive one which can prevent any kind of dangerous situation.

Safety rules in the school for children will help the school to develop a better learning place that is highly secured.

Safety rules in schools to be followed by the school and parents too

Now let us have a look at the safety rules in the school:

  • Remember all the emergency numbers which a kid may require at school. Parents must help them to memorize the numbers. Even when they are in an awkward situation or problem, they should know which adult to contact. Schools should take initiatives to introduce those people with the students officially.
  • Schools should remain alert to possible security issues to children, they should install new technologies at restricted places. For example, a swimming pool can be a dangerous place for kids if proper trainers are not available. So no student should ever be allowed to use the swimming pool without proper trainers. The schools can use Brunhild tech alarms to alerts the security in case of any mishappenings.
  • Students should not loiter in the corridors or staircases or even in any of the unrestricted zones of the school. Reports say most of the accidents happen at these places as kids often have the interest to visit these places. Safety rules in the school must not let the students loiter alone in the school.
  • Students must inform immediately if he/she is not feeling well. In this case, the school can take immediate action or call for emergency health alerts too.
  • Students should not lock themselves or others inside toilets or any classroom or any other confined places. In case they get into such situations, emergency numbers can be contacted. Brunhild tech system has alerts systems that can note delayed motion and precautionary alerts are sent.
  • Another very important Safety rules in the school are that the schools should not allow any outsiders inside the school premises. The students should know and must be instructed in their behavior with the strangers, they should not take anything from them. Any information passed on by strangers to the school should not be trusted unless it is verified by the school authority.
  • Playing or carrying with any articles which are dangerous is strictly prohibited at schools. Fire elements, crackers, matches, knife, and scissors should not be carried out by students.
  • Bullying should not be allowed inside schools. Students should not tolerate bullying and should report to their teachers immediately if any such incident occurs.
  • Parents are instructed to inform the school about any health issues like allergies to the school authority.

Safety rules and standards should also be followed and maintained in school buses as well as many bad incidents that have been reported during commutation to school.

Safety rules in the school bus for the ultimate safety of the kids

Here are some of the safety rules in the school buses to be followed:

  • Students should be marked while they are picked up and dropped at their stoppages.
  • Students traveling by school bus should inform the designated person if not attending school on a particular day.
  • After picking up all the students, the number of students should be counted.
  • The above will also help you to track the missing students while coming back from school.
  • In case any students have the plan to go out of school earlier than the school hours, then designated persons of school authority and bus authority should be informed.
  • Parents should show their children some landmarks or the safe area between the school and home route.
  • When students are going on a trip on the school bus, parents should know where they are being taken. Take the proper address and point of contact in that case. School and school buses should share all the information about the trip with the parents of the students.

Final words

This new technology is a blessing for the parents who can now feel free from any worries while their wards are away from them. Schools that are applying this real-time security system should be preferred by the parents while getting their wards admitted in any school.

Check out more about this online security platform and its features which are quite helpful for all. Now, you can send your kids to school with no worries about facing any accidents or issues at school. This would also help schools to develop a more secure environment for students for their learning and development. The technology helps in maintaining all the safety rules in the school.

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