Sebaceous Cysts Treatment in Gurgaon

Sebaceous Cyst: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment 

Cysts are the noncancerous and common cysts that occur in the skin. They are accompanied by the formation of liquid or semi-liquid material. Face, neck these are the parts where sebaceous cysts are supposed to occur. Although this condition doesn’t threaten life but may cause discomfort during its gradual growth. 

They can only be diagnosed by physical examination. But there are chances that a cyst can be found with the sign of cancer. 

Causes of a sebaceous cyst

The sebaceous gland in the human body is responsible for the formation of oil that coats the skin and human hair. The sebaceous gland provides the passage to the oil, through its ducts, but if the blockage happens in a gland or the duct, in this case, cysts will develop. And this blockage occurs due to any injuries like a scratch, a surgical wound, either the acnes. The growth of the cyst is gradual that’s why you will notice the cyst after weeks and months ago. Here is some other known cause of the cyst formation;

  • Deformed formed duct
  • If the cells of the glands get damaged during any surgery 
  • Genetic conditions can be the reason for Gardner’s syndrome or basal cell nevus syndrome. 


The level of pain varies from the size of the cyst. In the case of small cysts, no pain happens in this case, but large cysts can cause uncomfortable pain. Large cysts cause pressure on the neck and face thus cause the pain due to pressure. Pain causing cyst is usually filled with the sliver of keratin, key elements that play a role in the formation of skin and nails. Most of the cysts are soft in touch. Body areas with a high chance for cyst formation;

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Scalp
  • Back 

A sebaceous cyst is known cancerous, and unusual, with the following characteristics;

More than 5cm in diameter.

Reappear after the removal In a short period.

The appearance of infection signs, redness, pain and discharge of puss 

Diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst

You will feel discomfort due to the formation of a cyst. These are mainly diagnosed by physical examination. But if the cyst doesn’t match with the criteria of being (normal) than you will be suggested with some additional tests, to rule out whether It is cancer or not. Here is a common test that is required for the removal of cyst surgically. Common tests used for a sebaceous cyst include:

Ultrasound – this helps to figure out the content in the cyst. 

CT scans – with this scan doctor can decide the route for surgery and also spot the unseen abnormalities that can cause complication in the further procedures. 

Punch biopsy – in this small amount of the cyst is removed via needle and examined in the laboratory to ensure the signs of cancer. 

Treatment of a sebaceous cyst

Treatment of the cyst depends upon its condition; whether draining can be helpful either surgical removal is necessary. Removal is the normal procedure that happens in case of a cyst, just to maintain the aesthetic look. Not every cyst is harmful to human health, and you are also a significant one in the selection of cyst treatment. To prohibit the re occurrence of the cyst it needs to be removed, otherwise, it will come back. According to the Sebaceous Cysts Treatment in Gurgaon the best treatment goes with its removal. Some people choose over the surgery because of the scaring. You will suggest with these treatment options by your doctor.

  • Minimal excision – this option brings little scarring but have chances of cyst reoccurrence. 
  • Conventional wide excision – this removes the cyst permanently and secure the body but with the scar.
  • Laser with punch biopsy excision– this procedure is done with the use of laser and works by making a small hole in the cyst I order to drain its content. After one month the outer walls of the cyst are removed. You can have Sebaceous Cysts Surgery in Gurgaon, due to their best treatment services. Antibiotic is given after the cyst removal, to prevent the secondary infection, and you need to continue the medications until the healing done properly with the Scar reducing ointment.


Infection associated with the cyst happens due to the inflammation, the cyst appears white, if pus formation occurs, with the unpleasant smell. For the treatment of infected wound these measures carried out;

  • Application of warm compress.
  • It is cleaned with mild antimicrobial soap daily. 
  • It is not covered with cosmetics.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.  


Although there are no as such complication occurs due to the cysts but their appearance can make the person dis-comfortable. Bacterial infections another complication, very rarely it happens when cyst extends deeply into the skin. But the complication can be prevented with better treatment. 

Summary – The sebaceous cyst is easily removed without any complications if the patient follows the proper treatment. These sebaceous cysts can occur anywhere in the body, but necks, face these are specific areas were cyst happens. Treatment of the cyst causes scarring of the body but ensure that the cyst will not come back. 

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