Things to do in Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan

The Thar Desert or The Great Indian Desert is spread across Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab state of India. It is the 17th largest desert of the world and the 9th subtropical desert of the world, covering an area of 200,000 square kilometers. The desert has its own ecosystem and houses some endangered species of wild animals. With all its charm and awe-inspiring beauty, the Thar Desert is a popular destination to travelers in all travelers, especially in the winter season.

Amidst the vast stretches of sand and sand dunes, a traveler will find plenty of activities to do during his stay for a night or two in the desert. Here is a list of activities that a tourist can enjoy in the desert.

Top 7 Things that you can do in the Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan

1. Staying in a Camp

This is perhaps the most fascinating experience in the Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan. Anyone going to the Thar in Rajasthan especially Jaisalmer stays in a camp amidst the vast desert. Large tents are set up in the arid land upon the sand for travelers to enjoy the beauty of the desert and get sink into the quietness of the place. The tents are equipped with everything needed by a traveler. It’s an unforgettable experience and one of the most fascinating things to do while you visit the Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan.

2. Dune Bashing in Jeep

This is the most sought after activity in the desert. The travelers will enjoy a roller-coaster ride across the sand dunes, spread over the desert and get their adrenaline-charged. Truly, this is a lifetime experience.

3. Parasailing

The adventure lovers may enjoy parasailing in the desert which enables them to get a crystal clear view of the horizon. It is usually done, during sunrise and sunset and the crimson hue of the sun in both times sets the perfect backdrop for enjoying the parasailing.

4. Camel Riding

A visit to the desert without camel ride is futile. The beautifully decked up camels offer a thrilling ride across the desert and enable the tourists to have a glimpse of the desert around. But before riding the camel, the tourist must muster the technique of riding; otherwise, he will fall from the back of the camel on to the ground.

5. Witnessing Sun Rise and Sun Set

Sunrise and sunsets take place at any place in the world but at some places its unique and enchanting. People throng to such places to see the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset at such places. Watching sunrise and sunsets in the desert is a unique experience. Its beauty is something which you can truly enjoy when you are there in the desert watching it. Nature pours her bounty in the sky during sunrise and sunset and obviously, the tourists don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of sunrise and sunset in the desert.  Witnessing the abundance of rich color, spreading all over the sky is surely a lifetime experience.

6. Enjoying the Cultural Programme of the Tribal Folks

Rajasthan is known for its enthralling culture and people from the world over visit Rajasthan to enjoy its unique culture, color, and dresses. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is perhaps the best places on earth to visit to understand life in the desert and its uniqueness. For a visitor to the Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan, there are many cultural programs are organized to display the beauty and unique culture of Rajasthan. The night program in the desert comprises of the Cultural Activity of the tribal Folks. Here, the tourists get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the tribal people of the desert. They thoroughly entertain the guests with their enthralling show.

7. Stargazing

Besides, these, the tourists may engage themselves in StarGazing in the stark clear sky and no doubt, it is a remarkable experience, since no pollution will blur your vision. The tourists may also camp in a barren area in the middle of the desert, which is an enticing experience, go for seeing the past ruins in the desert. Hence, with all these activities, the desert stay is indeed a memorable one for any tourist.

Visiting the Thar Desert is an enthralling experience. Jaisalmer, in particular, is a favorite destination for tourists who want to enjoy the serene beauty of the great desert. Living in a tent amidst the vast stretches of sand is a great experience. Besides the serene beauty of the place, the cultural programs, a camel ride, parasailing and a ride on a jeep through the sand dunes is a perfect way to spend your time in the Thar Desert Tours Rajasthan. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience. Rajasthan is known for its unique culture, music, and dressing. The Thar is definitely worth a trip.

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