How to treat heat strokes in dogs

Heat strokes in dogs can be a life-threatening state exemplified by a sudden increase in the temperature of the body and sometimes due to the dysfunction of the central nervous system. Regardless of the belligerent lessen of the temperature of the body and dealing, the pathophysiological altering linked with heatstroke can direct to multi-organ malfunctioning that can be deadly.

According to the research, thermoregulatory failure results in the heatstroke with altered expression of the heatstroke and overstated response of the acute phase. In dogs, this situation can lead to many serious diseases which is why instant treatment is essential. As fast as the summer season is approaching, it brings many serious diseases and heat strokes in dogs. It is recommended to the dog owners to make accustomed their dogs with the heat before making them run or any exercise. As per the research, in many conditions heat stroke happens in the early spring seasons in dogs because of the intense exercise or running. Either avoid such hard-core exercise for your dog or make get used to the heat. There few indications that the body of the dog gives during the time of the heatstroke.

Heat Stroke signs

When a dog is suffering from heatstroke then the chances of bloody diarrhoea would be increased because of the damaged intestinal lining and impaired coagulation system due to which they bleed. Heat strokes can also lead to seizures, damage to bone marrow, brain swelling and sometimes death. It is recommended that if your dog has shown such symptoms then contact to the vet and take appointment as soon as possible as the situation may get out of the hand, Until the vet reach to you or you reach to the vet, keep the doctor under a cool place or make them bath with cold water. The chances of getting a situation under hands are more when you keep the dog under a cool place as fast as possible. During this time avoid taking your dog under heat or sunlight.

Here we have maintained a few steps you can take to treat your dog while he experiences heatstroke.

1 Before taking any decision to check the temperature

When you feel like your dog is having heat stroke then the first work you should do is take the temperature of your dog with the help of a thermometer and note it down then call the veterinarian to ask if something is serious or you are just panicking. While measuring the temperature makes sure that your dog is not already at a hot place as it may distinguish the temperature of the body. For more information and instructions approach to a vet as soon as possible.

2. If you feel something is wrong then take essential steps.

Immediately take your dog to a cool place and avoid the heat and hot place, probably try to keep him indoor under the air-conditioned. Heatstroke generally happens because of the hard-core activities of your dog so restrict him to walk and run and if needed take him inside the home by carrying him as walking and running can make the situation worse.

3. Give a cool water bath.

If keeping them under the air-conditioned doesn’t work then take him to the cool bath it will help him to feel cool and make them cope-up from the situation faster also give him some cold water to drink. Coldwater helps his nerves to relax and reduce the heat to develop in the body. If your dog is avoiding water then do not force him to drink it instead you can make him paws, gums and tongue wet with the cold water. Chicken broth and beef can be a suitable alternative. 

4. Rubbing alcohol on the pads of the dog’s paws can helpful.

The most efficient way to release the heat from the dogs is through paws and rubbing alcohol can be a magic treatment at the time of heatstroke. You can take a drop of alcohol on a cotton pad or just drop the alcohol on the paws of the dogs; it will help them to release the heat faster and in a better way. After dropping alcohol make sure the paws the uncovered under the air-conditioned or at a cool place. It is restricted to use too much alcohol on the paws as it can be harmful to them. 

5. Do not confine or cover dog.

Heat strokes happen due to the excess heat development in the body of the dog and at this time a dog needs to stay at a cool place and avoid the heat. Avoid placing him under a hot place or rubbing his back or covering him with any cloth as it generates more heat in the body.

Dogs are not very expressible, they cannot tell whether they are having a stomach ache, pain in the hand or anything but sometimes gets very slow and that is the moment you need to understand that your dog is having problems. Generally, in summer condition like heat stroke happen in dogs and reason could be excess heat development in the body due to hard-core exercise or running. This situation can be very hectic for the dog and the owner too so to guide in a particular condition we have listed a few steps that you should consider while your dog experiences heatstroke.

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