Types of Dental Crown and its Price

Now it is possible to modulate the imperfect look of the damaged tooth with the help of Dental crowns. With the help of these tooth-shaped caps, the look of your face and your smile can be enhanced. When you are suggested by your dentist about the placement of the crown, you might develop confusion about which type of dental crown is best, and the cost of it. Here given is the guide that helps you to understand the different types of tooth crows and their cost.

But First, When Do You Need a Crown?

Before you get deep into the types of dental crowns, just know when certainly you need the crown, either filling or inlay will work for you. When you visit your dentist, after the whole examination, your dentist will prefer the possible treatments. The common cases which require the dental crown are;

·        When your teeth are having, decay or cavity.

·        In order to cover the implant.

·        To support the natural damaged tooth.

·        To give proper alignment to your bite.

·        For aesthetics purposes.

What Type of Dental Crown Should I Choose?

When finally your dentist suggests you the crowns, you should start thinking about the type and cost of the crowns, because of their number of option available for the crowns, varying over the type of material, its cost and the procedures.

In the dentistry main types of crowns are;

Gold crowns

Combination of copper and, other metals like, nickel or chromium. Its durability and strength make this type more advantageous. Even most of the people don’t prefer gold crowns due to its color.

Advantages of gold crowns:

·        Gold crowns are strong and are highly resistant

·        They are long-lasting

·        With the gold crown, less proportion of your natural tooth needs to be removed.

·        Its wearing process is so natural just like the natural enamel.

·        When it comes to posterior restorations, they are ideal.

 Disadvantages of gold crowns:

·        They don’t look like a natural look and disturb the aesthetic look.

·        Alloy of Gold crowns produces some allergic reactions and side effects.

All- Porcelain Crowns

Nowadays all-porcelain crown is popular, as they are made up of porcelain which is the main cause of its advantages.

It gives the natural and real look, by matching perfectly with the surrounding teeth, shape, size, and color. All-porcelain crowns are the best option for tooth restorations.

They are made up of natural materials with no use of metals. So they are free from the toxins.

However, the main Disadvantages of porcelain crowns are:

·        These crowns are not as strong as compared to metal crowns. They can only last longer if well taken care of.

·        The cost of porcelain is higher than the other metal crowns. 

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (PFM)

This is the other widely used crowns, due to the strength and aesthetic look. Porcelain coating over the cap makes them look natural.

Advantages of PFM crowns are:

·        Good durability and aesthetic look.

·        They cost less than the other porcelain crowns.

Disadvantages of PMFs include:

The creation of the gray line over the gum line can happen due to the presence of metal. They do not guarantee the 100% aesthetic look similar to the porcelain crowns. For people who have a habit to clench their teeth, this activity can cause the dropping of teeth easily against the opposite tooth.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium a new material in the market, blessed with the mental strength and the aesthetic look due to the porcelain. These days high translucent zirconia and other layered zirconia are more popular.

Advantages of zirconia crowns are:

·        No compromise with the aesthetics

·        Very few possibilities of its breaking and it lasts very long.

However, the process for the making of Zirconia crown may be long but they are strengthful.

As metal-free crowns, they are biocompatible and do not cause allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns include:

·        There are chances of biting the opposite teeth due to the strength.

·        The Solid Zirconia is quite difficult to adjust

The Cost of Dental Crowns

After getting information about the type of dental crown, it’s important to know about the cost of all types. Well, this depends upon the type of used material in the building. Generally, crowns range starts from $500 to $2000, and more than. 

Cost of Gold crowns – Range between $600-$2,500

All-porcelain crowns- Range between $800-$3,000

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns – Cost $500-$1,500

Zirconia Crowns cost approximately the same as all-porcelain crowns

You can cover 50% of the cost if you have insurance.

A dental crown is the only method to cap your tooth for its restoration. For long term durability, you must choose, the metal-free and porcelain crowns. The aesthetic look is more important as it is maintained by the crowns if you have the desire to correct your teeth again. Decayed, cracked and chipped teeth can benefit from the use of crowns. You should have patience during the treatment because it requires 2-3 visits. Your oral health is also another factor, if you are suffering from oral issues, this may take extra more time. So make yourself aware with them every step of the procedure.

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