Web Development Trends 2020

If you wish to stay ahead to your competitors and are looking forward to web development, it is important to keep a tab on the web development trends 2020. If you look into the data of the web world, you would be surprised to know that there are about 1.8 billion websites, and only 200 million active of them all.

Along with this, countless new websites are launched every day, making the competition quite robust. So, if you wish to get your business or a personal website noticed in highly-competitive webspace, you certainly need to befriend some of the latest trends. If you are a web designing and development company, you will find that these latest technological changes are necessary and will help you develop an attention-grabbing website. 

After a though brainstorming, we have come up with the list of web development trends for 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI certainly tops our list as the use of chatbots has increased tremendously this year. With the help of AI, machines can display and mimic human intelligence. AI is also used for the collection of data, to analyze information, to resolve issues, and a few can even understand human emotions.

As per a study, AI will be used for communication, and businesses can use it to automate multi-tasking. We have already seen the rise in chatbots and virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri and these not only helped businesses improve their customer engagement but have transformed it completely.  It is also stated that by using technologies like “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Neural Network,” businesses can confidently rely on AI for consumer communication and more.

2. Blockchain

We have all seen how Bitcoins attained fame in the year 2018 and 2019. Blockchain too is following the same path and has managed to bring in some extraordinary changes in the web development industry.

Blockchain does not use intermediaries and can be used for online transactions as they boost of high security. The technology also allows the storage of data in various global locations. It also makes it easy for banks and other financial firms to maintain the security of customer data with the help of algorithms.

3. PWAs or Progressive Web App

One of the web development trends that is sure to stay is the Progressive web app. The modern web applications have the look and feel of a regular web page, but they come with excellent functionality. The pages load in no time, and the page load time does not depend on the network, and the browser used. These are the web pages that are developed using high-level progressive enhancements and provide a good user experience without causing nay cache issues.

PWA is safe as it gets served via Http, and this helps prevent tampering of content and snooping of the content. PWA is not only hassle-free but can be easily shared using a URL and comes with a wide range of built-in features.

4. Push Notifications

Do you know that push notifications can increase the number of views/visitors to your webpage?  Just like the notifications you receive in mobile applications, push notifications to help you grab customer attention. But, make sure you do not overuse the same. Push notifications can be used to inform your customers about an upcoming deal or a newly launched product.

5. AMP

Now that Google has started to stress the importance of mobile-friendly websites, the trend of responsive web design looks quite promising. As per a report released last year, AMP or Accelerated Web Pages help achieve good web traffic. AMP is smooth and can be used to balance the web ads and the content used in the website; to enhance user experience. AMP for sure if the favorite of many and is sure to stay.

6. Browser Extensions

Browser extensions, especially those from Google Chrome, have become the favorite of many users. Also, there are a few users who feel that browser extensions that harm their privacy, as they can read online activities of the users using permissions.

If you have plans to create a browser extension, make sure you pay attention to privacy and safety.

7. SPA or Single Page Applications

If you are not aware of what, SPA or Single Page Applications are, well you need to check out Gmail, Facebook or Github. These are SPAs where there is no need to reload the page which is in use as the content gets loaded through JavaScript. SPAs have natural behavior and work within the browser, saving the time of the user.

8. Motion UI

The web users of this era look for websites that are easy to use and understand. Motion UI helps web developers create websites that have minimal design and an excellent interface. Background animations, the hovers, the headers, and more are a part of Motion UI, and these enable developers to create a striking website.

This is a complex technology, and it always helps to hire the services of a reputed and experienced web development company to implement it on your website.

9. IoT or Internet of Things

As per a study conducted, we can expect more than 30 million connected devices by 2020, and it is said that such a rise in the IoT devices will for sure impact the overall process of web development.

As of today, only a few websites use IoT integration, but it is for sure going to thrive in the coming years. One of the reasons for the same is that businesses control the IoT devices either from their desktop or their laptop, and the adoption of these devices with websites is important too. So, the business websites that are created need to interact well with the IoT devices.

10. Virtual and Augmented Reality

The technologies, virtual and augmented reality have a promising future as they can change how visitors interact with websites. Even companies like Google and Samsung are spending endlessly on such technologies to provide a better user experience to their customers. Both these technologies are said to obtain a market size of $215 billion by the year 2021.

Mentioned above are some leading trends that will change the face of web development in the coming years. Contact us if you wish to implement the best strategies, as we help tap into the web development trends 2020, giving you an edge over your competition.

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