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In this technological era when everyone is relying on technology, the web plays an important role. Web helps to connect people and various other services. Now you are thinking then who made it easy for people and services to connect then the answer is web developers. Web development is one of the most reliable and famous profession among people and why it could not be? After all, it provides you with a facility that you can easily do anything, be it shopping, banking and many more things. If you are still thinking that how can you become a web developer then for your ease we have prepared a guide or you can tutorial for web development to make you understand this field more clearly. 

Before getting started, you first need to understand what is web development? 

Web development is a field that involves the web developers who develop websites for the companies to promote their brand and increase sale rate on the internet or a private web which is also known as an intranet. Web development is slightly different from the web designing as it does not include designing but all non-designing facet of developing a website i.e. coding and writing markup. 

Now, the question arises what is a website? 

A website is a group of various web pages which are all connected and you can easily access them just by visiting the homepage via any browser such as Mozilla, opera, explorer, and google chrome. These websites are basically designed by web designers and developed by web developers. 

Lets started with the web development tutorial, we have prepared the content for the web development that you can easily understand the concept of web development and will be able to move further with this profession undoubtedly.

With the help of the above-given chart, you will easily get the essential points needed by a web developer. Before starting with anything a web developer needs to understand what all are these then move forward with a basic understanding of web development. 

1 You need to understand what the basics of web development are and how the website works. 

2. Basics of CSS, JavaScript and HTML. 

3. Intermediary front-end skills which are build tools, responsive design and GIT. 

4. Front-end framework which is VUE, React and angular. 

5. Back-end Skills. 

6. Basic deployment and server skills. 

These are the basics of web development tutorial, what we have given in the above section is all you need to know in the core to understand web development. 

What is the need for learning Coding languages? 

A website is a result of three basic components CSS, Html, and JavaScript. 

Hypertext markup language (HTML)

It is the base of all websites as it is the main type of file which loads in the browser when a website is opened. HTML also helps to make a very basic website that doesn’t need any other file.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS makes a website look more pleasing as you can add colors, layout, compelling fonts to the website along with the animation, and various shapes. 


It is a programming language that helps you to relate with elements of the website and to manoeuvre them as it adds interactivity to the website and makes it vibrant. 

To work with the CSS, HTML and JavaScript you need a program in your computer which is known as a code editor. 

What is a front-end and how it works? 

You can also call it “client-side”, which is the page loaded by the browser of the user. It helps the website work in favour of the user, as they want to use it that known as user experience or UX. 

What is back-end and how it works? 

As you know now that front-end is all about the look and illustration actions of the website, back-end is all about to make everything work following the sight. The one who handles the back-end has to handle the data and server requests, for instance, repossess the data to exhibit post on the blog in a particular category that the client has required or saving the records when user fill up a contact page form. It also includes handling deployment, locale up the website on a server and locale up the database of SQL. It is the most opted one option among people and if it seems interesting then you can also go for it.  

Both front-end and back-end are important in the web development and experts call it back-end because the work they do at the back-end, the user can’t see and what they see in the front-end, users can easily see on the browser. From both back-ends is the toughest task as it takes a lot of profound enlivening functionality to make front-end work. 

Web development is a huge filed that includes so many things to learn such as java, HTML and CSS along with the front-end and back-end skill, even though these skills are handled by different experts but for a web developer it is essential to know at least basics of these skills to be an expert. To make you understand what are all these terms we have prepared a tutorial for you in the upcoming blog. 

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