What is SEO and how does it work?

What is SEO?

SEO abbreviation of search engine optimization includes all the actions taken by the companies to improve the ranking and visibility of their website on the search engine result page (SERPs). In this technological era, it is very common that we search for everything on google whether it is about a product or some kind of information and the results we see on the screen are known as search engine result pages. If you have a website and your website has not secured a good place on SERPs then this is a sign that you need to work on SEO to improve its visibility.

SEO is a tool of improving the visibility of your website on SERPs with the help of relevant keywords for which you need an SEO expert to improve your website’s visibility and apply the right tactics of SEO.

You can understand this concept in a better way with the help of an example. let’s suppose that you have a business and that business is working good which means you have good customer support but those customers are not connected with you online because you don’t have a website through which you can promote your brand. how long will your customers be going to loyal with you? how long they will trust you? we all have some knowledge of the internet and websites. Today when we have become so advanced, search for everything on the internet whether it’s a product of a well-known product or any ordinary. Before buying anything we check the reviews and ratings of that product on its website then decide whether to buy it or not.

This same concept applies to your brand when you promote your brand online with the help of the website on different social media platforms, it will build a strong trust between you and your audience. Now, what about the audience who doesn’t even know that you exist? SEO will help you to reach the audience who doesn’t know you. With the help of accurate SEO strategies, you can reach more and more audiences, generate leads and convert leads into your permanent customers.

Marketing is a broad concept that is kind of tough to understand until you have practiced it regularly because as an expert you will be more able to understand what your customers are expecting from you and this understanding will only develop when you interact with your customers daily. The same thing applies to the SEO; you will never understand it until you apply it and practice it daily. SEO is a broad concept too, it works differently and it takes an expert to understand it properly. you need to make different strategies for the different target audiences. There are some more concepts in SEO which helps you to understand how exactly it works? how it helps you to reach more audience? and how it generates leads.

let’s understand the basics of SEO that how it works and how you get interact SEO tactics daily. Suppose, you have searched for the best SEO experts in Gurgaon on the internet then you will notice that the entire day whether you are using Facebook or Instagram or any other search engine, you will get to see the same keyword related posts and ads, what you have searched earlier, on those social media platforms. This is how SEO works. The experts who handle SEO for a company observe the audience and target accordingly with the help of keywords. Keywords have an essential role in SEO. If you are not using accurate keywords in the right way then there is no point to apply the right SEO tactics. It is essential for an SEO expert to understand the audience then keywords and then SEO strategies. All these things go hand in hand, if you lose even one of those, then you will lose your rank on SERP.

SEO is of two types:

1.    On-page SEO

The elements present on On-page SEO that happens on your website. You can easily control factors which means you can work on and improve them in a better way from time to time with the help of rights SEO practices. This consists of content marketing to the coding of your website.

2.     Off-page SEO

The factors Off-page SEO consists of having the power to affect the ranking of your website. You do not control the factors of off-page SEO directly but there are few ways through which you can work and improve these factors. just like building a strong trust between you and your audience, promoting your brand yon social media to generate leads and improving your links. Your link has the power to improve your ranking on search engines.

Another factor that impacts in favor of your SEO is your content as you know content is king, what you all are serving on the internet is your content. Your audience trusts you because of your content. So, keep in that it is essential to present the right content to the right audience at the right moment.

Summary: SEO plays an essential role in every business, with the help of right SEO techniques you can reach more audience, generate more leads and convert leads into a permanent customer. SEO is a practice to improve your website’s ranking on SERPs organically.

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