Why do people wear boxers?

Boxers are timeless. If you wish to dress to impress, boxers are considered the best. Quality boxers are known to have many benefits for men.

  1. Defined Fit: Pajamas, denim or pants, whatever you wear, boxers are known to give you the best fit in any attire. With no ‘adjusting’ problems, you can be tension free, always.
  2. Comfort: As boxers have the right fit and are made out of 80%-90% cotton, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing for men. Also, some men find the panties way to tight so they prefer wearing boxers.
  3. Style: Boxers are known to be ultra-stylish. You can literally roam around your house in your boxers.

There are other medical benefits that are attached to wearing boxers. They provide the right protection to the sensitive parts. Also, known for moisture-wicking and antimicrobial boxers, they offer the best defense against sweat and smell.

So, if there were a competition between panties and boxers, men would usually choose the latter.

Hence, by redefining the class, quality, and technology to build a boxer, Stance, an International brand is completely changing the notions of a right undergarment. With comfort, style and fit kept at the center, Stance gets the best in class men understands to the market which is worth trying!

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