Different styles of Women Socks

When it comes to clothing, women desire for everything on point. Hence, they want even their socks to match their style statement. With fashion bloggers taking over the internet, socks are now a fashion accessory. So, read the post ahead to know about the types & styles of socks and be a pro at styling them.

  1. Crew Length Socks: They are 6-inch socks usually paired with short skirts.
  2. Calf Length Socks: They cover the complete calf and end a little below the knee. It is usually suitable for sporty ladies.
  3. Thigh High Socks: These socks come above the knee and look class in winters when styled with ankle boots.
  4. Football Socks: Usually worn by football players.
  5. Stockings: These are sheer socks which are usually knee-length. They are usually worn under a dress.

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